A lovely hike with newly weds Janet and Art

I recently had such an enjoyable hike! I love hiking and show-casing Table Mountain to guests! It is such a treat meeting like minded people where you end up talking and exchanging information and at the end of the hike, you seem to have learnt and shared as much as they have! I had a great hike with newly weds (like myself) visiting from New York - Janet and Art - they were fit and shared my love of both running, cycling, travel and the outdoors!

They were fast and furious up Platteklip Gorge - I think I am going to have to put up a leaderboard... After that they were interested to got to Maclear's Beacon - this is a trail on the top of Table Mountain that leads to the highest point on the mountain 1086m.

The weather was mostly clear with a very high cloud of mist just hanging below the top of the mountain - it kept us cool - blocked some views from the top, but once we cleared this cloud on our cable car journey back we were able to admire the 360 degree views!

Thanks for a great day - the saddest part is saying goodbye after sharing such great times with guests! I had lovely feedback that always makes me so pleased! "We really had so much fun today- our best experience in cape town"

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